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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Dos and donts in Laos

- To greet someone, we say “sabai-dee” (hello) with a smile.
- For men, no topless. Bermuda knee length is possible, but you’d better wear trousers. For women, no shorts or miniskirts, long skirts or pants, preferably.
- Do not try to imitate the local customs or to dress in the fashion of the country. Do not insist on eating with fingers or chopsticks if you do not know how
- Women should not reach out to the monks. If you want to make an offering, place it on a tray or table.

- Do expect that you are warmly- welcomed and always will be.
- Do try to explore their way of life and their patterns of thinking. Your efforts to get some insights of Laos culture- language, art, traditions, values and beliefs, etc will be highly recognized. By this way, you will deserve the warmest welcome and the best treatment from locals.
- Never get too excited, and especially not to speak too loud. This behavior results in losing face to the other party.
- Never touch the heads (even the children); this gesture is considered an insult. Do not bend up your finger to call someone.
- When sitting, avoid pointing your foot at anyone.
- In places of worship, dress carefully (shoulders and legs covered), take off your shoes upon entering and talk in whispers, never touch the interiors and artifacts
- Always ask for permission before taking a picture of someone.
- Avoid showing affection in public.